Absinthe, Acacia, Black Locust, Robinia, Adder´s Tongue, Adenostyles, Alder Buckthorn, Alkanet, Almond Willow, Almond-leaved Willow, Alpine Avens, Alpine Blue-sow-thistle, Alpine Coltsfoot, Alpine Currant, Mountain Currant, Alpine Cyclamen, European Cyclamen, Purple Cyclamen, Alpine Knotweed, Alpine Lady´s Mantle, Alpine Lovage, Alpine Rock-Cress, Alpine Rose, Alpine Sainfoin, Alpine Saw Wort, Saw Wort, Alpine Snowbell, Blue Moonwort, Alpine Squill, Alpine Toadflax, Alpine Willowherb, Alternate-leaved Golden Saxifrage, American Pokeweed, Aneth, Anise, Annual Knawel, German Knotweed, Annual Mercury, Annual Nettle, Dwarf Nettle, Small Nettle, Dog Nettle, Burning Nettle, Apple, Apple Mint, Woolly Mint, Apple Rose, Soft Leaved Rose, Apple of Peru, Shoo-fly Plant, Archangel, Arrow Broom, Winged Broom, Arrowhead, Common Arrowhead, Asarabacca, Asparagus, Sparrow Grass, Aspen, Common Aspen, Eurasian Aspen, European Aspen, Quaking Aspen, Auricula, Dusty Miller, Garden Auricula, Austrian Speedwell, Large Speedwell, Autumn Crocus, Meadow Saffron, Naked Lady, Autumn Lady´s-tresses, Baldmoney, Ball Mustard, Baneberry, Barestem Teesdalia, Shepherd´s Cress, Barley, Barren Strawberry, Basil, Basil Thyme, Bastard Balm, Bastard Indigo, Bastard Rock Jasmine, Bats in the Belfry, Nettle-Leaved Bellflower, Baumgarten´s Bellflower, Bean, Bearberry, Bear´s Breeches, Bedstraw broomrape, Bee Orchid, Beet, Bellflower, Berry Catchfly, Betony, Purple Betony, Wood Betony, Bishopwort, Bishop´s Wort, Biblical Mint, Horse Mint, Bifid Hemp-nettle, Split-lip Hemp-nettle, Common Hemp-nettle, Large-flowered Hemp-nettle, Big-flowered Foxglove, Large Yellow Foxglove, Bilberry, Blueberry, Whinberry, Bird Cherry, Hackberry, Bird in a Bush, Birdeye Pearlwort, Bird´s-eye Primrose, Bird´s-foot Trefoil, Bird´s-nest Orchid, Bird’s-foot, Bishop´s Weed, Bitter Cress, Bitter Cress, Bitter Dock, Bitter Fleabane, Blue Fleabane, Bitter Lettuce, Bitter Vetch, Bitter Vetch, Heath Pea, Bittercress, Herb Barbara, Rocketcress, Yellow Rocketcress, Winter Rocket, Wound Rocket, Bittersweet Nightshade, Deadly Nightshade, Black Bindweed, Black Birch, Cherry Birch, Mahogany Birch, Spice Birch, Black Broom, Black Bryony, Black Crowberry, Black Cumin, Roman Coriander, Black Eyed Susan, Black Hay, Black Nonsuch, Blackweed, Black Medic, Black Henbane, Henbane, Black Mulberry, Black Mustard, Black Poplar, Black Tang, Rockweed, Bladder Fucus, Sea Oak, Black Tany, Cut weed, Dyers Fucus, Red Fucus, Bladder Wrack, Bladderwrack, Rock Wrack, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Blackthorn, Sloe, Bladder Campion, Bladder Senna, Bladdernut, European Bladdernut, Blessed Thistle, Blinks, Water-blinks, Water Brickweed, Annual Water Miner´s Lettuce, Blister Buttercup, Cursed Buttercup, Celery-leaved Buttercup, Blister Sedge, Bloody Cranesbill, Bloody Geranium, Blue Alfalfa, Sickle Alfalfa, Sickle Medick, Yellow Lucerne, Yellow-flowered Alfalfa, Blue Bonnets, Blue Buttons, Blue Daisy, Iron Flower, Sheep´s Scabious, Sheep´s Bit scabious, Blue Saxifrage, Blue iris, Bog Arum, Marsh Calla, Bog Asphodel, Lancashire Asphodel, Bastard Asphodel, Bog Bilberry, Northern Bilberry, Bog Marshcress, Bog Myrtle, Sweet Gale, Bog Orchid, Bog Adder´s-mouth, Bog Adder´s-mouth Orchid, Bog Rosemary, Bog-bean, Buckbean, Bokhara Clover, Honey Clover, Tree Clover, Sweet Clover, White-flowered Sweet Clover, White Sweet Clover, White Melilot, Borage, Boxbood, Box, Common Box, Bracken, Brass Buttons, Breckland Thyme, Wild thyme, Creeping Thyme, Bridewort, Willow-leaved Spiraea, Bristly Hawk´s Beard, Brittle Bladderfern, Common Fragile Fern, Broad Bean, Broad Leaved Sermountain, Broad Leaved Spindle, Broad Spurge, Broad-leaved Pondweed, Floating Pondweed, Broad-leaved Willowherb, Brook Thistle, Brookelime, Water Pimpernel, Brown Knapweed, Brownray Knapweed, Buckseed, Buckwheat, Bugle, Bulbous Corydalis, Bulrush, Common Bulrush, Broadleaf Cattail, Common Cattail, Great Reedmace, Cooper´s Reed, Cumbungi, Burnet Rose, Scotch Briar, Scotch Rose, Burnet Saxifrage, Lesser Burnet Saxifrage, Burning Bush, False Dittany, White Dittany, Gas Glant, Fraxinella, Burnt-tip Orchid, Burr, Stickweed, Bush Vetch, Bushy Wallflower, Butcher´s broom, Butterbur, Buttercup, Meadow Buttercup, Tall Buttercup, Giant Buttercup, Butterwort, Sanicle, Cabbage Thistle, Calamint, Caley Pea, Hairy Vetchling, Camelina, Gold-of-Pleasure, False Flax, Canada Feabane, Canadian Waterweed, Pondweed, Caraway, Persian Cumin, Meridian Fennel, Carline Thistle, Carrot, Carthusian Pink, Catnip, Catswort, Catmint, Catsear, Flatweed, Cat´s Ear, False Dandelion, Spotted Cat´s Ear, Cat´s Foot, Celery, Centaury, Common Centaury, Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, English Chamomile, Garden Chamomile, Ground Apple, Low Chamomile, Whig Plant, Changing Forget-me-not, Chenar, Oriental Plane, Cherry Laurel, Common Laurel, English Laurel, Chervil, Chickweed Wintergreen, Chickweed Wintergreen, Arctic Starflower, Chicory, Chili Peppers, Bell Peppers, Chinese Rhubarb, Chinese Wolfberry, Chinese Boxthorn, Barbary Matrimony Vine, Chives, Christmas Rose, Christmas Tree, Common Spruce, Norway Spruce, Spruce, Cicer Milkvetch, Clary, Clasping Twistedstalk, Twisted Stalk, Liveberry, Climbing Fumitory, Ramping Fumitory, White Fumitory, White Ramping Fumitory, White-flower Fumitory, Clivers, Goosegrass, Catchweed, Robin-run-the-hedge, Sticky Willy, Cleavers, Grip Grass, Cloudberry, Bakeapple, Knotberry, Knoutberry, Averin, Evron, Cockoo Flower, Coltsfoot, Columbine, Comfrey, Commo Junper, Commo Oisier, Oisier, Commom Buckthorn, Commom Plantain, Common Agrimony, Church Steeples, Sticklewort, Common Alder, Common Barberry, Common Bladderwort, Common Briar, Dog Rose, Common Butterwort, Common Chickweed, Chickenwort, Craches, Maruns, Winterweed, Common Cotoneaster, Common Cow-wheat, Common Dandelion, Common Dog-Violet, Wood Violet, Dog Violet, Common Dogwood, Dogwood, Common Eelgrass, Seawrack, Grass Wrack, Common Evening Primrose, Evening Star, Sun Drop, Common Flax, Linseed, Common Fleabane, Common Fumitory, Common Grape Vine, Common Gromwell, European Stoneseed, Common Groundsel, Groundsel, Common Hazel, Common Heather, Ling, Common Hedgehyssop, Herb of Grace, Common Hemp-nettle, Common Hepatica, Liverwort, Kidneywort, Pennywort, Common Heron´s Bill, Musky Stork´s Bill, Common Hop, Common Horsetail, Common House Leek, Common Iris, Common Kidneyvetch, Kidney vetch, Woundwort, Common Laburnum, Golden Chain, Golden Rain, Common Lilac, French Lilac, Common Mallow, Buttonweed, Cheeseplant, Cheeseweed, Dwarf Mallow, Roundleaf Mallow, Common Mallow, Cheeses, High Mallow, Tall Mallow, Common Marsh-Bedstraw, Common Monkey-flower, Common Moonwort, Moonwort, Common Mouse-ear, Common Paeony, Cottage Paeony, Common Polypody, Common Purslane, Verdolaga, Pigweed, Little Hogweed, Pursley, Moss Rose, Common Ragweed, Common Sage, Common Sainfoin, Common Scurvygrass, Common Sea-Buckthorn, Common Self-heal, Heal-all, Common Speedwell, Common Spike-rush, Creeping Spike-rush, Marsh Spike-rush, Common Sundew, Round-leaved Sundew, Common Teasel, Common Thyme, Thyme, Common Twayblade, Common Valerian, Common Vetch, Common Whitebeam, Common Wintergreen, Common Wood Sorrel, Wood Sorrel, Common Wormwood, Mugwort, Common Yarrow, Common Yew, English Yew, Common burdock, Lesser Burdock, Common hawthorn, Single-seeded Hawthorn, CommonElder, Coral Root Bittercress, Coral-necklace, Coriander, Corn, Corn Buttercup, Corn Chamomile, Mayweed, Scentless Chamomile, Field Chamomile, Corn Marigold, Corn Daisy, Corn Poppy, Corn Rose, Field Poppy, Flanders Poppy, Red Poppy, Red Weed, Coquelicot, Headache, Headwark, Corn Speedwell, Corncockle, Cornelian Cherry, Cornflower, Bachelor´s Button, Bluebottle, Boutonniere Flower, Hurtsickle, Cyani Flower, Cornsalad, Lamb´s Lettuce, Cow Parsley, Wild Chervil, Wild Beaked Parsley, Keck, Queen Anne´s Lace, Cowbane, Northern Water Hemlock, Cowberry, Foxberry, Cowslip, Crack Willow, Brittle Willow, Creeping Avens, Creeping Bellflower, Rampion Bellflower, Creeping Cinquefoil, Creeping Lady´s Tresses, Creeping Navelwort, Blue-eyed Mary, Creeping Woodsorrel, Procumbent Yellow-sorrel, Sleeping Beauty, Creeping Yellowcress, Keek, Yellow Fieldcress, Cross Gentian, Crossed Leved Heath, Crosswort, Smooth Bedstraw, Cuckoo Pint, Cucumber, Cudweed, Cudweed, Cudweed, Cudweed, Cudweed, Curly Dock, Yellow Dock, Currant, Cushion Calamint, Cut Leaved Plantain, Cut Leaved germander, Cut Lefed Cranesbill, Cutleaf Mignonette, Yellow Mignonette, Cutleaf Water Parsnip, Cutleaf, Cutleaf Coneflower, Goldenglow, Green-headed Coneflower, Tall Coneflower, Thimbleweed, Cyper sedge, Daisy, Dalmatian Iris, Dame’s Rocket, Damask Violet, Dame’s Violet, Dames-Wort, Dame’s Gilliflower, Night-Scented Gilliflower, Queen’s Gilliflower, Rogue’s Gilliflower, Summer Lilac, Sweet Rocket, Mother-of-the-Evening, Winter Gilliflower, Danewort, Dwarf Elder, Deadly Nightshade, Deer Fern, Hard Fern, Deptford Pink, Devil´s-bit, Devil´s-bit Scabious, Dog´s Mercury, Dog´s Tooth Violet, Douglas Fir, Dove´s-foot Crane´s-Bill, Dovesfoot Geranium, Downy Hempnettle, Dragonhead, Dragon´s Head, Dropwort, Duckweed, Common Duckweed, Dusky Cranesbill, Mourning Widow, Black Widow, Dutchman´s Pipe, Yellow Bird´s-nest, Pinesap, Dwarf Everlast, Dwarf Snapdragon, Dwarf Spurge, Dyer´s Chamomile, Dyer´s Woodruff, Eared Willow, Early Coralroot, Northern Coralroot, Yellow Coralroot, Early Purple Orchid, Early Spider Orchid, Eastern Arborvitae, Eastern Groundsel, Eastern Pasque Flower, Eastern Purple Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Eglantine, Sweat Briar, Elecampane, Enchanter´s Nightshade, English Bluebell, English Broom, Common Broom, Scotch Broom, English Ivy, English Lavender, Common Lavender, True Lavender, Narrow-leaved Lavender, English Oak, English Plantain, Eurasian Smoketree, Smoke Tree, Smoke Bush, Eurasian Watermilfoil, European Ash, Common Ash, European Beech, Common Beech, European Birthwort, European Black Nightshade, Black Nightshade, Duscle, Garden Nightshade, Hound´s Berry, Petty Morel, Wonder Berry, Small-fruited Black Nightshade, Popolo, European Black Pine, European Cranberrybush, European Dewberry, European Dodder, European Goldenrod, European Heliotrope, European Turnsole, European Hornbeam, Common Hornbeam, European Larch, European Nettle Tree, Mediterranean Hackberry, Lote Tree, Honeyberry, European Pear, European White Waterlily, White Lotus, Nenuphar, Evergreen Saxifrage, Eyebright, Eyewort, Eyebrright, Fair Maids Of France, Meadow Saxifrage, Fairy Flax, False Helleborine, White Hellebore, European White Hellebore, White Veratrum, False Lily of the Valley, May lily, False Maryweed, Sea Maryweed, False Tamarisc, Fat Duckweed, Inflated Duckweed, February Daphne, Fen Orchid, Fennel, Fennel Pondweed, Sago Pondweed, Ribbon Weed, Fenucreek, Feverfew, Few-flowered Fumitory, Fiddle Dock, Field Bindweed, Field Chickweed, Field Clover, Rabbit Foot Clover. Hare´s-foot Clover, Field Elm, Field Eryngo, Field Forget-me-not, Field Garlic, Field Madder, Field Marple, Common Marple, Field Mint, Wild Mint, Corn Mint, Field Mustard, Turnip, Field Penny-cress, Field Rose, Musk Rose, Field Scabious, Field Wood Rush, Field Wormwood, Beach Wormwood, Breckland wormwood, Fig, Figwort, Fine Leaved Water Dropwort, Waterfennel, Fireweed, Great Willow-herb, Rosebay Willowherb, Flag Iris, Yellow Flag, Flannelleaf, Flannelplant, Great Mullein, Flatleaf Bladderwort, Flowering Rush, Fluxweed, Flixweed, Fly Honeysuckle, Fly Orchid, Fodder Vetch, Fool´s Parsley, Fool´s Cicely, Poison Parsley, Forking Larkspur, Rocket-larkspur, Field Karkspur, Four Leaf Clover, European Waterclover, Fox-and-Cubs, Orange Hawkweed, Tawny Hawkweed, Devil´s Paintbrush, Grim-the-Collier, Foxglave, French Meadow-rue, Friar´s Cap, Fringed Water-lily, Yellow Floating-heart, Water Fringe, Frogbit, European Frog´s-bit, Gallant Soldier, Potato Weed, Gallic Rose, French Rose, Rose of Provins, Garden Loosestrife, Yellow Loosestrife, Garden Yellow Loosestrife, Garden Lupin, Largeleaf Lupin, Garden Nasturtium, Indian Cress, Monks Cress, Garden Orache, Red Orach, Mountain Spinach, French Spinach, Garden Pea, Garden Rhubarb, Garden Sorrel, Sorrel, Sour Dock, Garlic, Garlic Mustard, Jack-by-the-Hedge, Garlic Root, Hedge Garlic, Sauce-alone, Jack-in-the-bush, Penny Hedge, Poor Man´s Mustard, German Chamomile, Hungarian Chamomile, Wild Chamomile, Scented Mayweed, German Madwort, German greenweed, Germander Speedwell, Bird´s-eye Speedwell, Ghost Orchid, Giant Bellflower, Giant Chickweed, Water Chickweed, Giant Dead Nettle, Giant Goldenrod, Giant Hogweed, Cartwheel-Flower, Wild parsnip, Wild rhubarb, Giant Cow Parsnip, Giant Cow Parsley, Ginkgo, Glaucous Bedstraw, Globe Flower, European Globeflower, Glutinous Sage, Sticky Sage, Jupiter´s Sage, Jupiter´s Distaff, Goat Root, Large Yellow Restharrow, Goat Willow, Pussy Willow, Great Sallow, Goat-leaf Honeysuckle, Italian Honeysuckle, Perfoliate Woodbine, Goats-Thorn, Goat´s Beard, Bride´s Feathers, Goat´s Rue, French Lilac, Italian Fitch, Professor-weed, Golden Dock, Bristle Dock, Seashore Dock, Golden Lungwort, Golden Saxifrage, Golden Tuft, Goose-Grass, Silverweed, Wild Tansy, Gooseberry, Gopher Spurge, Gopher Plant, Mole Plant, Caper Spurge, Paper Spurge, Grand Flower, Grape Hyacinth, Grape Hyacinth, Common Grape Hyacinth, Grass of Parnassus, Grass-Leaved Flag, Grass-like Sedge, Grassleaf Starwort, Common Stitchwort, Gray Chickweed, Gray Mouse-ear Chickweed, Great Burdock, Great Burnet, Great Globe Thistle, Great Leopard´s Bane, Great Water Dock, Water Dock, Giant Water Dock, Great Willowherb, Great Hairy Willowherb, Hairy Willowherb, Greater Burnet Saxifrage, Greater Butterfly-orchid, Greater Knapweed, Greater Masterwort, Greater Periwinkle, Greater Pond Sedge, Greater Stichwort, Addersmeat, Greater Water Parsnip, Water Parsnip, Greater Yellow-rattle, Green Field-speedwell, Green-winged Orchid, Green-veined Orchid, Greter Spearwart, Grey Field-speedwell, Ground-ivy, Gill-over-the-ground, Creeping Charlie, Alehoof, Tunhoof, Catsfoot, Field Balm, Run-away-robin, Gypsywort, Gipsywort, Bugleweed, European Bugleweed, Water Horehound, Ou Di Sun, Hairy Burdock, Hairy Rock Cress, Hairy Rocket, Hairy Tare, Hairy Violet, Harebell, Hare´s Ear Mustard, Hartwort, Hart´s-Tongue Fern, Hawksbeard, Nipplewort, Hawkweed Oxtongue, Heatrsease, Wild Pansy, Hedge Mustard, Hemp-Agrimony, Herb Paris, True Lover´s Knot, Herb Robert, Red Robin, Death come quickly, Storksbill, Dove´s Foot, Crow´s Foot, Robert Geranium, Hoary Alison, Hoary False Madwort, Hoary Cinquefoil, Silver Leaf Cinquefoil, Hoary Cress, Whitetop, Hoary Plantain, Hoary rockrose, Hogweed, Holly, Common Holly, English Holly, European Holly, Christmas Holly, Hollyhock, Hop Trefoil, Horehound, Hornwort, Rigid Hornwort, Coontail, Coon´s Tail, Horse Chestnut, Conker Tree, Horsehoe Fetch, Horsemint, Water Mint, Horseradish, Houndstongue, Houndstooth, Dog´s Tongue, Gypsy Flower, Rats and Mice, Hungarian Vetch, Hybrid Clover, Hyssop, Iceland Moss, Italian Aster, Italian Clover, Crimson Clover, Ivy-leaf Speedwell, Ivy-leaved Bellflower, Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Kenilworth Ivy, Jacobea, Staggerwort, Jacob´s Ladder, Jerusalem Artichoke, Jesuit´s Nut, Water Chestnut, Kanada Thistle, Keeled Garlic, King Devil Hawkweed, Kingcup, Knotweed, Ladies Mantle, Ladino Clover, White Clover, Lady Fern, Southern Lady Fern, Lady Orchid, Lady´s Bedstraw, Yellow Bedstraw, Lady´s Slipper Orchid, Lady´s Thumb, Spotted Lady´s Thumb, Jesusplant, Redshank, Lamb´s Ears, Lamb´s Lungs, Lamb´s Tail, Lamb´s Quarters, Melde, Pigweed, Goosefoot, Fat-hen, White Goosefoot, Large Hop Trefoil, Large Leaved Lime, Large Self-heal, Large-flowered Hemp-nettle, Large-flowered Mullein, Large-leaved Hempnettle, Larger Bindweed, Hedge Bindweed, Rutland Beauty, Bugle Vine, Heavenly Trumpets, Bellbind, Late Spider-orchid, Leavy Spurge, Wolf´s Milk, Leek, Lemon, Lemon Balm, Balm, Balm Mint, Lemon Thyme, Lentil, Lentil Vetch, Smooth Tare, Leontondon autumnalis, Lesser Butterfly-orchid, Lesser Calamint, Lesser Celandine, Lesser Chickweed, Lesser Galangal, Lesser Honeywort, Lesser Knapweed, Common Knapweed, Black Knapweed, Hardheads, Lesser Periwinkle, Lesser Pond Sedge, Lily-of-the-Valley, Liquorice, Little Leaf Linden, Livelong Saxifrage, Lizard Orchid, London Pride, Long Leaved Sundew, Love nest Sundew, Longleaf, Longleaf Starwort, Lovage, Lucerne, Lucile´s Glory-of-the-snow, Lungwort, Madonna Lily, Maiden Pink, Majoram, Male Fern, Manna Ash, South European Flowering Ash, Many-seed Goosefoot, Mare´s Tail, Marijuana, Indian Hemp, Marine Najad, Spiny Najad, Marsh Arrowgrass, Marsh Cinquefoil, Marsh Daisy, Marsh Felwort, Marsh Gentian, Marsh Hawksbeard, Marsh Helleborine, Marsh Mellow, Marsh Primerose Willow, Marsh Saxifrage, Bog Saxifrage, Marsh Sowthistle, Marsh Thistle, European Swamp Thistle, Marsh Valerian, Marsh Willowherb, Marsh Woundwort, Martagon, Turk´s cap lily, Masterwort, Hogfennel, Maypop, Purple Passionflower, True Passionflower, Wild Apricot, Wild Passion Vine, Meadow Clary, Meadow Foxtail, Field Meadow Foxtail, Meadow Salsify, Goat´s Beard, Jack-Go-To-Bed-At-Noon, Meadow Starwort, Meadow Sweet, Meadow Thistle, Meadow Vetchling, Medlar, Common Medlar, Melancholy Thistle, Midland Hawthorn, English Hawthorn, Woodland hawthorn, Mayflower, Milk Thistle, Our Lady´s Thistle, Milkwort, Miner´s Lettuce, Spring Beauty, Indian Lettuce, Mistletoe, Mistletor, Mock Strawberry, Gurbir, Indian Strawberry, False Strawberry, Monk´s Rhubarb, Mountain Alison, Mountain Arnica, Mountain Ash, Rowan, Mountain Avens, White Dryas, White Dryad, Mountain Knapweed, Mountain Pennycress, Mountain Speedwell, Mountain Willowherb, Mouse Ear Hawkweed, Mousetail, Tiny Mousetail, Musk Thistle, Nodding Thistle, Nodding Plumeless Thistle, Muskroot, Musky Saxifrage, Mustard, White Mustard, Myrtle, Narcissus-flowered Anemone, Narrow-Leaved Bittercress, Narrow-leaved Vetch, Nettle-leaved Mullein, Night-flowering Catchfly, Noble Yarrow, Nodding Beggarticks, Nodding Bur-marigold, Northern Running-pine, Norway Marple, Oat, Old Man´s Beard, Olive, One-flower Vetch, Onion, Opium poppy, Orange Daylily, Oregano, Wild Majoram, Oregon-grape, Oregon grape, Orpine, Livelong, Frog´s-stomach, Harping Johnny, Life-everlasting, Live-forever, Midsummer-men, Orphan John, Witch´s Moneybags, Ostrich Fern, Shuttlecock Fern, Ox Eye, Oxeye Daisy, Oxlip, True Oxlip, Pale Poppy, Pale Smartweed, Curlytop Knotweed, Willow Weed, Parma Violet, Parsley, Parsnip, Pasqueflower, Pasqueflower, Patience, Patience Dock, Pearly Everlast, Pellitory, Spanish Chamomile, Mount Atlas Daisy, Pellitory-of-the-wall, Lichwort, Pendulous Sedge, Peppergrass, Narrow-leaf Pepperwort, Roadside Pepperweed, Peppermint, Perennial Honesty, Perennial Peavine, Perennial Pea, Everlasting Sweet Pea, Perennial Rocket, Perennial Wall-rocket, Pheasant´s Eye, Spring Pheasant´s Eye, Yellow Pheasant´s Eye, False Hellebore, Pineappleweed, Wild Chamomile, Disc Mayweed, Pink Epimedium, Piny Plumeless Thistle, Welted Thistle, Plumeless Thistle, Plum, Poison Hemlock, Policeman´s Helmet, Bobby Tops, Copper Tops, Gnome´s Hatstand, Himalayan Balsam and Kiss-me-on-the-mountain, Pot Marygold, Potato, Prairie Tea, Rock Cinquefoil, Siberian Tea, Prickly Lettuce, Prickly Saltwort, Prickly Glasswort, Prickly Sowthistle, Primrose, Privet, Provence Rose, Cabbage Rose, Rose de Mai, Purple Aranchel, Red Dead Nettle, Purple Loosestrife, Spiked Loosestrife, Purple Lythrum, Purple Marshlocks, Swamp Cinquefoil, Marsh Cinquefoil, Purple Osier, Purple Willow, Purple Salsify, Purple Saxifrage, Purple Mountain Saxifrage, Purple Starthistle, Red Starthistle, Purple Vper´s Grass, Pyramid Orchid, Quince, Radish, Ragged Robin, Ramsons, Rannoch-rush, Pod Grass, Rape, Oilseed Rape, Rapa, Rappi, Rapaseed, Raspberry, Red Bedstraw, Red Campion, Red Clover, Red Elderberry, Red Berried Elder, Red Goosefoot, Red Helleborine, Red Hemp-nettle, Redstem Filaree, Common Stork´s-bill, Pinweed, Reine Claude, Restharrow, Restharrow, Spiny Restharrow, Rock Stonecrop, Rocky Beauty, Rose, Rosemary, Rough Chervil, Rough Cinquefoil, Ternate-leaf Cinquefoil, Norwegian Cinquefoil, Rough Cocklebur, Clotbur, Common Cocklebur, Large Cocklebur, Woolgarie Bur, Rough Hawks Beard, Round-leaved Wintergreen, Roundleafed saxifrage, Royal Fern, Flowering Fern, Rue, Rush Skeletonweed, Gum Succory, Devil´s Grass, Nakedweed, Rye, Safflower, Saffrane, Salicorn, Salomon´s Seal, Sand Bittercress, Small-flowered Bittercress, Sand Cress, Sand Lily, Sand Mouse-ear, Sand Sedge, Savory, Summer Savory, Saw-wort, Snow Lotus, Scarlet Pimpernel, Scentless Feverfew, Scorpion Vetch, Scots Pine, Scottish Thistle, Sea Arrowgrass, Sea Aster, Sea Holly, Sea Kale, Seakale, Crambe, Sea Milkwort, Sea Plantain, Seaside Plantain, Goose Tongue), Sea Sandwort, Seaside Sandplant, Sea Wormwood, Sequier´s Pink, Service Tree, Sessile Oak, Cornish Oak, Durmast Oak, Shaggy Soldier, Hairy Galinsoga, Fringed Quickweed, Sharp Dock, Clustered Dock, Sharpleaf Cancerwort, Sharp-leaved Fluellin, Sheep Sorrel, Sheperd´s Needle, Shepherd´s Knot, Bloodroot, Shepherd´s-Purse, Shield-leafed Saxifrage, Shore Weed, Shrubby Milkwort, Siberian Iris, Siberian flag, Sickle-leaved Hare´s ear, Silver Birch, Silver fir, Small Bugloss, Annual Bugloss, Small Pasque Flower, Small Scabious, Yellow Scaboius, Small Teasel, Small-flowered Winter Cress, Smallflower Hairy Willowherb, Smooth Cat´s Ear, Smooth Rupturewort, Smooth Sowthistle, Smoothe Honeywort, Snake´s Head Fritillary, Snake´s Head, Chess Flower, Frog-cup, Guinea-hen Flower, Leper Lily, Lazarus Bell, Checkered Lily, Snapdragon, Sneezewort, Snowdrop, Common Snowdrop, Snowsrop Windflower, Windflower, Snowy Mespilus, Soapwort, Soldier Orchid, Military Orchid, Sour Cherry, Southern Maidenhair Fern, Black Maidenhair Fern, Venus Hair Fern, Southernwood, Lad´s Love, Southern Wormwood, Sowbane, Spatulaleaf Loosestrife, Spear Thistle, Spearmint, Spear Mint, Spelt, Spider Plant, Spiderwort, Virginia Spiderwort, Spiked Rampion, Spiked Speedwell, Spinach, Spindle, European Spindle, Commom Spindle, Spiny Water Starwort, Spotted Deadnettle, Spotted Henbit, Purple Dragon, Spring Cinquefoil, Spring Crocus, Giant Crocus, Spring Crocus, Giant Crocus, Spring Draba, Shadflower, Nailwort, Vernal Whitlow Grass, Early Witlow Grass, Whitlow-grass, Spring Gentian, Spring Pea, Spring Sedge, Spring Snowflake, Spring Vetch, Squarrose Knapweed, Squinancywort, Squincywort, St Anthony´s Turnip, Bulbous Buttercup, St John´s Wort, St. Peter´s Wort, Peterwort, Square Stemmed St. John´s Wort, Square Stalked St. John´s Wort, Staggerweed, Stag´s Horn Sumach, Star of Bethlehem, Star-of-Bethlehem, Grass Lily, Nap-at-noon, Eleven-o´clock Lady, Starry Saxifrage, Hairy Kidney-wort, Stemless Carline Thistle, Sticky Groundsel, Sticky Mouse-ear Chickweed, Clammy Chickweed, Stinging Nettle, Common Nettle, Stinkwort, Stinkweed, Camphor Inula, Stone Bramble, Stonecrop, Strapwort, Strawberry Clover, Strawberry Tomato, Winter Cherry, Sulphur Cinquefoil, Rough-fruited Cinquefoil, Summer Lilac, Butterfly-bush, Orange Eye, Summer Snowflake, Loddon Lily, Sun Spurge, Sunflower, Sweet Alyssum, Sweet Alison, Sweet Bay, Bay Tree, Laurel, Sweet Chestnut, Spanish Chestnut, Sweet Cicely, Sweet Trifil, Sweet Violet, Sweet William Catchfly, Sycamore, TMarsh Labrador tea, Northern Labrador Tea, Wild Rosemary, Tarragon, Tassel Hyacinth, Tensy, Tetterwort, Greater Celandine, Thale Cress, Thorn Apple, Jimson Weed, Datura, Three-lobe Beggarticks, Three-part Beggarticks, Leafy-bracted Beggarticks, Trifid Bur-marigold, Three-nerved Sandwort, Throw-wort, Lion´s Ear, Lion´s Tail, Motherwort, Thyme-leaf Speedwell, Thyme-leaved Sandwort, Tomato, Touch-me-not, Tower Mustard, Trailing Crown Vetch, Trailing Fennucreek, Trailing St John´s Wort, Tree of Heaven, Trumpet Gentian, Tufted Forget-me-not, Bay Forget-me-not, Small-flowered Forget-me-not, Tufted Vetch, Vow Vetch, Bird Vetch, Boreal Vetch, Twinflower, Umbellate Wintergreen, Pipsissewa, Prince´s Pine, Velvetbells, Velvetleaf, China Jute, Buttonweed, Butterprint, Pie-marker, Samuel Eu Bine, Indian Mallow, Venus´Looking Glass, Verbena, Simpler`s Joy, Turkey Grass, Victory Onion, Alpine Leek, Caucas, Violet Limodore, Viper´s Bugloss, Blueweed, Viper´s-grass, Wall Gamander, Wall Lettuce, Wall-rue, Wallflower, Walnut, Water Avens, Water Forget-me-not, True Forget-me-not, Water Mudwort, Water Plantain, Water Smartweed, Water Soldier, Water Pineapple, Water Starwort, Water Violet, Featherfoil, Watercress, Waterwheel Plant, Weasel´s Snout, Welted Thistle, Curly Plumeless Thistle, Western Marsh Orchid, Broad-leaved Marsh Orchid, Fan Orchid, Common Marsh Orchid, Irish Marsh-orchid, Wheat, Commom Wheat, White Adder´s Mouth, White Bedstraw, White Bryony, White Bryony, White Butterbur, White Campion, White Cinquefoil, White Dead nettle, White Helleborine, White Horehound, Common Horehound, White Poplar, White Stonecrop, White Willow, Whitlow Grass, Wild Angelica, Wild Cabbage, Wild Cherry, Sweet Cherry, Bird Cherry, Gean, Mazzard, Wild Daffodil, Lent Lily, Wild Liquorice, Wild Mignonette, Woad, Wild Radish, Jointed Charlock, Wild Service Tree, Checker Tree, Wild Strawberry, Woodland Strawberry, Alpine Strawberry, European Strawberry, Willow Gentian, Willow Leaf Lettuce, Willow Leafed Lettuce, Wind Flower, Winter Aconite, Winter Heath, Witch Hazel, Woad, Common Dyer´s Weed, Dyer´s Woad, Wolf´s-foot Clubmoss, Stag´s-horn Clubmoss, Groundpin, Wood Avens, Herb Bennet, Colewort, St. Benedict´s Herb, Wood Forget-me-not, Wood Ragwort, Wood Stitchwort, Wood Vetch, Wood-sedge, European Woodland Sedge, Woodbyne, Honeysuckle, Woodland Ragwort, Heath Groundsel, Woodnymph, Woodruff, Woodruff, Sweet Woodruff, Wild Baby´s Breath, Master of the Woods, Woolly Thistle, Wormseed Mustard, Yellow Anemone, Yellow Aranchel, Yellow Broomrape, Yellow Fox and Cobs, Yellow Hawkweed, Yellow Fumitory, Yellow Gentian, Yellow Lupin, Yellow Pea, Yellow Vetchling, Yellow Rattle, Cockscomb, Rhinanthus Minor, Yellow Salsify, Yellow Sedge, Yellow Sheep Sorrel, Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem, Yellow Sweet Clover, Yellow Melilot, Ribbed Melilot, Common Melilot, Yellow Toadflax, Butter-and-Eggs, Yellow Vetch


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